James Russ Tips/Tricks/Resources

Financial Planning

  • Retirement Options - this form is used to put in front of clients so they can pick the Retirement Option that right for them. CLICK HERE
  • Financial Planning Video - this video walks you through the Circle of Wealth Financial Planning concept. CLICK HERE
  • Financial Planning Intake Form - this intake form may be used to collect data on clients to analyze their needs and wants. CLICK HERE
  • What Keeps You Up At Night - this is form is great to work with clients to figure out what is important to them so you can help them CLICK HERE
  • Product Of Your Environment Video - CLICK HERE
  • All kinds of Financial Calculations: CLICK HERE
  • Schedule an appointment with James Russ to make a plan! CLICK HERE

Life Settlement Worksheet Form - this form is used to help decide if a client should see their life policy CLICK HERE

Personality Test - CLICK HERE

Life Expectancy - CLICK HERE

Worlds population - CLICK HERE


US Debt clock - CLICK HERE

California Earthquake Authority Training - CLICK HERE