Effective August 2019, the California Department of Insurance (CDI) will be using enhanced online services provided by Sircon (powered by Vertafore) to handle processing & reporting of all insurance Pre-Licensing and Continuing Education course completions instead of hosting these services on their own CDI site as they have been doing for years. This means that for ALL INSURANCE PRE-LICENSING AND CONTINUING EDUCATION COURSES completed on or after August 8, 2019, there will be an additional processing fee, charged at the time of course purchase, to cover the cost of processing & reporting your hours to Sircon/CDI. This fee is being charged by Sircon/CDI to process your course completion and NOT Mike Russ Schools.


For Insurance PRE-LICENSING, the fee is a flat fee of $6 PER PRE-LICENSING COURSE completed & submitted to Sircon/CDI. 

For example: 40-Hour course processing fee: $6; 12-Hour course processing fee: $6; 20-Hour course processing fee: $6. Students who are completing a 52 or 32-Hour class will need to pay the processing fee for the 12-Hour ethics course, in addition to the fee for the 20 or 40-Hour course. These fees are in addition to the cost of the course.


For Insurance CONTINUING EDUCATION the fee is $0.65 PER HOUR of CE.

For example: The processing fee of a 15 hr. CE course would be $9.75 (15 hrs x 0.65); The fee for a 10 hr. CE course would be $6.50 (10 hrs. x 0.65); The fee for a student who completes 35 hours of CE (two 15 hr. courses and one 5 hr. ethics course) would be $22.75. These fees are in addition to the cost of the course.


These fees will be added to your cart during the checkout process, and will be paid at the same time the course is purchased. Due to system requirements ALL course reporting/processing fees must be paid at the time the course is purchased. It is not possible to purchase your course first, and then pay the processing fee later, or have one party pay for the course, and another party pay the processing fee.

The reporting/processing fee is fully refundable for up to 90 days after your purchase date, provided no hours have been reported to the DOI. There are NO REFUNDS after 90 days of purchase or once hours have been reported to Sircon/CDI, whichever comes first. Refunds for the course itself (not the processing fee) are subject to the refund policy of that specific course type.